A Day in the Life of Mister G at Caballo Blanco Trekking and Rescue Centre 🐎

A Day in the Life of Mister G at Caballo Blanco Trekking and Rescue Centre 🐎

Hello, dear readers! Mister G here, the proudest horse at Caballo Blanco Trekking and Rescue Centre in the beautiful Alpujarra. I thought I’d take a moment to share a snippet of my day with you all. So, saddle up and let’s trot through my day!

Sunrise Breakfast: My day begins with the first rays of the sun. As the sky paints itself in hues of orange and pink, I enjoy my early breakfast. A mix of fresh hay and some delicious musli to kick start my day. The morning air, combined with the serene environment of the Alpujarra, is truly invigorating.

Mountain Rides with Clients: After breakfast, it’s time to get to work! I love taking our lovely clients for rides in the mountains. The wind in my mane, the rhythmic sound of my hooves, and the joyous laughter of the riders make these treks special. Plus, the views from up here? Absolutely breathtaking!

Lunch and Rest: After the mountain rides, I head back to the centre for a hearty lunch and some well-deserved rest. A cool shade, a gentle breeze, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, a few treats from the staff!

Evening Grooming: As the sun starts setting, it’s grooming time! Oh, how I love this part of the day. The gentle brushes, the soothing massages, and the occasional treats make me feel pampered and loved.

Chats with Fellow Horses: As night falls, it’s time for some horse talk! We gather around, share stories of our day, our adventures with the clients, and sometimes, just enjoy the silent companionship. It’s these moments of bonding that make our herd feel like a family.

So, there you have it! A day in the life of Mister G. Every day is an adventure here at Caballo Blanco Trekking and Rescue Centre, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Until next time, happy trails and neighs! πŸ΄πŸŒ„

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