Huge thank you to Marjari Yoga who is donating a portion of all her class fees to the rescue association 🙏

If you are local, why not head to El Alquimista on Saturday at 9am, enjoy some fabulous outdoor yoga in the mountain air and afterwards, stay for a snack and a chat! All that and supporting some good causes 🐎😻

Limited space available so let them know if you fancy attending.

This is the group for the yoga so please join for updates on classes 🤗

Organic chilli sauce

Wonderful William has been fostered by Chiara over the winter and lockdown. To thank her for all her support, we wanted to support her small business too and let you all know about it!

They grow all of their own chillies and create this totally organic sweet chilli sauce made in Lobras.

In Orgiva, you’ll find it in the Ecotienda de Carmen y Leo and in Begonias Herbolario. 🌶️❤️😉

There’s mild and spicy options and we can order you some to get sent over if you’re not local.

Horse or springbok?

Ossian pretending to be a springbok in 2013.

Before he came to us, he broke his owner’s jaw; she was found unconscious in the field with him. She wanted a good home for him and we were able to train him up for trekking.

Thanks to his mountain rehabilitation time, Sarah’s niece was then able to find Ossian a forever home in the UK.

Rather beautiful, isn’t he?