Mars the cat

Thank you from us all and Mars himself for all the comments and messages we’ve received about his convalescence.

He’s been keeping warm and snug today out the rain with Scoot, the tiny dog with the big heart.

Watch the video below with the sound on for an ‘awww’ moment!

Mr G returns

sponsor Mr G

So excited that tomorrow, Mr G is coming back to the Ranch after wintering away.

Having another mouth to feed without being able to have guests come for treks is difficult but he’s worth it, such a handsome boy. He loves his work and can’t wait when we can have you all back!

Stay safe 💚🐴

Introducing Malibu

Malibu sponsorship

🐴 This is Malibu and no, your eyes do not deceive you, she is that big, standing at 17hh and 950kg.

💚 She came to us a few months ago as a rescue because her feet had been so neglected she could no longer continue being a plough horse. Thanks to the hard work of Danielle, she is now able to pick up her front feet for care and maintenance.

🧲We are continuing to work on her back feet as she will pick up but then just flings away. With that much strength, we are all having to be very careful because although she doesn’t mean it in a nasty way, she could do herself and us a lot of damage!

🌞 We are very excited to teach her to become a trekking horse and giving her a new lease of life, she will be the perfect horse for our most popular 3 & 4 day treks.

When John Bishop visited

Throwback Thursday to when comedian, John Bishop, came to ride with us on our beautiful boy, Ciel, who is still trekking with us now 🤩🐴🤩 The 3 or 4 day treks are also still the most popular!

If like John, you are a Ciel fan, head over to our shop to get your merch featuring this majestic horse.

Visit his website to see what John’s up to now!

The view

Love this photo of the view from our corral 😍

Reposted from IG @cerysmaiadavies

The Mediterranean sea is in the far distance and on a clear day, we can even see the mountains of Morocco. The large patch of water in the centre of the photograph is a huge reservoir, which extends to the left and right but out of shot. You can kayak and windsurf there, or head down to the Med to enjoy the beaches of the Costa Tropical and sample the fresh seafood.