Coronavirus Update

Keeping safe

At the Ranch, we wear masks when we are assisting you to get on the horses and there is hand sanitiser available.

If you’re unable to travel internationally to get to us, how can you continue to support us?

You can still book horse riding holidays with us and if you can’t come due to pandemic restrictions, you won’t lose that deposit, of course.

Buy food for the horses via the team page. It is being updated so if you can’t see a particular horse there, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Buy a pin badge! A perfect way to carry us with you everywhere, on a jacket, or a bag. Just €1.50 each. Get in touch and let us know which horse you’d like pictured.

Share our Facebook posts and save our Instagram posts – it’s free and it helps us get known by more people so when we can be back to normal, we can welcome more guests to meet our horses and experience the ride of a lifetime.

Day Treks

31st May 2020

From this date, we are again able to offer day rides so please do get in touch to book your trek.


If you had already reserved and paid for a day trek, don’t worry. We will honour that for 12 months from the date it would have happened.



2021 onwards

We can’t guess when the lockdown in Spain will lift for definite. Just get in touch if you should have been here during what’s ended up being lockdown, we can sort something out for the future.

Future Bookings

2021 onwards

To be on the safe side and accommodate the postponements, we are taking bookings for September and beyond. Our most popular months are March, April, May and October so if you’re looking to visit, book soon or choose dates outside those peak times.

How you can help the horses


One off payment

We have an amazing woman at the helm so we are fortunate to not be in a sinking ship. However, we still have a lot of horses to feed. Everyone is struggling under these conditions and we appreciate that, of course. If you were able to donate in a one-off payment, no matter how little, it will help us a great deal to ensure the horses’ health and the running of the business is able to continue. Click here to choose a horse.


Monthly support

It costs around £100 a month to keep one horse, with feed, feet, medications, supplements and vet bills. From just £5 a month, you can sponsor any of the horses at the ranch. We will send regular updates, personalised, to your email inbox so you can see how they are and how much your contribution goes to helping them and the new rescue friends that arrive regularly. Click here to choose a horse.

We will update this page as things change so feel free to check back, subscribe to our newsletter for email updates, or get in touch.

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