Meet Flicka

Flicka is a PRE x Arab, 14’2, grey picasso (known as ‘flea-bitten’ in English!).  Everyone who rides her falls in love! She is sure footed on the steep tracks so she’s perfect for beginners but if she is more than happy to turn the throttle on if you’re more experienced. Flicka was rescued from the meat man, to whom she had been sold due to handling issues. Nowadays, she’s a lovely gentle mare and is a complete sweetheart.

One-time donation for Flicka

You can make a one time donation to buy Flicka two bales of hay with the Paypal/card pictures below. Thank you so very much.


Click the one of the big blue buttons below to become one of Flicka’s monthly supporters.

You can also shop for Flicka! We have a range of products available from water bottles to T-shirts, all featuring this beautiful girl.

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