Meet Malibu

Malibu is 17hh of purebred Percheron. She was working as a plough horse but her previous owners were unable to get her to let them work her feet.

Her huge hooves have become sadly very neglected, to the point where she was unable to work anymore and had to be rehomed. We are lucky enough to now have her here and we work with her every other day to get those feet in better condition.

She is such a cuddly girl and will become a great trekking horse!


One-off donation for Malibu

You can make a one time donation to buy Malibu two bales of hay with the Paypal/card pictures below. Thank you so very much.


Click the one of the big blue buttons below to become one of Malibu’s monthly supporters.

You can also shop for Malibu! We have a range of products available from cushions to tote bags, all featuring this grand girl with all profits going back to supporting the horses’ rehabilitation and care.

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