Meet Tequila

Tequila is one of our Andalusian horses. She was extremely loved and well cared for by her previous owner. Why is she with you then, I hear you cry. The poor owner was in a serious accident, which left her in a very poor state indeed. This meant Tequila wasn’t getting what she needed in terms of exercise and so on. The owner had to make the heart-breaking decision to do what was going to be best for her best friend and so that’s how we come to have her.

Tequila still has a very large crest from those days but she is a responsive, sweet girl. A firm favourite with guides and guests alike! She’s so pretty too. Although, we’re probably biased. And we say that about all of them!



One-off donation for Tia Maria

You can make a one time donation to buy Tia two bales of hay with the Paypal/card pictures below. Thank you so very much.


Click the one of the big blue buttons below to become one of Tequila’s monthly supporters.

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