Meet Tia Maria

Tia Maria is a 16’1hh Andalusian horse. She was the last broodmare of a man who owned land where there was a stables. She had never been ridden and was just a ornament. Friend of the Ranch, Sam, used to ride there and knew Tia Maria needed some extra support that she just wasn’t getting.

Sam said, “She was the last of his horses and I think he was just clinging to the past. He did not really want to sell her, so he took some convincing, a low cut top and hard cash.”

Tia Maria reacts incredibly badly to the variety of nasty beasties who bite her. The bites, as they do on humans, itch and she scratches them to the point of infection. The photo below shows the state her skin was in when Sam first got her.

Tia Maria’s poorly tummy

Sam continues, “She was the sweetest horse, and would let you help her even when we cleaned her gently we must have been hurting her. With all the ground work and sitting on her, I have never seen anything so sweet; she never did anything dangerous. You could sense she was nervous, and would nicker at you when she was, but she trusted us.”

Sam had to move away from the area and wanted Tia to go somewhere she could have professional support so we are lucky enough to have this gorgeous girl with us at the Ranch now.

Here she is in her full cover fly suit. It’s a lovely lightweight material so doesn’t make her hot and keeps her safe and no longer sore. In conjunction with anti-allergy injections from the vet, regular Butox applications, Tritec anti-fly liquid, Avon Skin So Soft and a lotion that we have to have specially shipped in from the States with Chrysanthemum extract, the summers are now just about bearable for our beautiful Tia.

Tia in her jimjams

One-off donation for Tia Maria

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