Support Pieper

Pieper is a wonderful horse. She’s so dainty and beautiful! She is an Andalusian who was rescued from a breeding farm that went bust. Along with 11 other horses, they were found in an emaciated state. We were part of the group who were able to find homes for all twelve and Pieper has become a firm farm favourite.

One-off donation for Pieper

You can make a one time donation to buy Pieper two bales of hay with the Paypal/card pictures below. Thank you so very much.


Click the one of the big blue buttons below to become one of Pieper’s monthly supporters.

Starting from just £5 per month, you will receive personalised regular email updates on your favourite girl to show you just how much your support means to her and to all of us at the ranch.

You can also shop for Pieper! We have a range of products available from tops to mugs, all featuring this beautiful girl.

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