Day Rides

Reserve your trek time now

Treks from one hour or more from our ranch, around the stunning mountain range we call home, that are suitable for beginners to experienced riders. We have specially trained horses suitable for beginners if you’re new so you’ll be safe. If you’re more experienced, relax in the saddle and enjoy the wild, natural surroundings.

Our prices per person are:
1 hour trek: 45 euros
2 hour trek: 55 euros
3 hour trek: 80 euros
4 hour trek: 99 euros
Full day trek, inc. picnic lunch: 120 euros

We can get collect you from Lanjarón to bring you up to the Ranch for 35 euros return (per car, not per person). Just let us know when you’re booking and we can arrange that at the same time.

To avoid disappointment, please ensure to pre-book as we can’t guarantee ‘on the spot’ availability.

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