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We are very proud of our Rescue Association status. It means that we are able to give neglected horses a new lease of life.

With love, care, proper medical attention and a good farrier, the rescues then become part of the family and might even become one of our trekking horses. The training they receive, from a place of love, ensures that the bonds between them and humans are strong to keep you safe on the steep mountain tracks. The best thing is just how much fun the horses have!

Their mountain therapy starts slowly, with lots of time and careful management. All medical and physical issues are treated first with our specialist equine vet and experienced farriers. After that, we can then begin to address any issues that have developed emotionally due to their past. Often, this means Sarah is the only person who is able to interact with them closely, until they start to trust her.

Molly on a trek

Once they have realised they’re safe, however long that takes, days or months, then other people, like the ranch volunteers, can start to help with their care. They may become horses that the guides ride to get them used to a small number of people, one or two, being on their backs. They may even go on to become one of the horses that the public ride on treks. They might not. Whatever is safest for them is what happens.

Through the rehabilitation of being in a safe, secure setting, with caring, loving people and other animals all in the area, it is easy to find them a forever home. Sometimes they will even be adopted by people that have ridden them on holiday with us!

Introducing a human to their heart horse is one of the most special things we can ever be a part of, especially knowing we have been instrumental in supporting the horse into the mental and emotional space where they can be loved and give love.


It costs approximately £100 a month to keep one horse safe and healthy at the ranch. This includes things like feed, feet, teeth, vet bills, supplements, medications, equipment etc.

We use the profits from the horse day treks and horse riding holidays to ensure we can keep rescuing and rehabilitating more horses. This then means we can find them their perfect forever homes.

If you would like to support us, particularly with the difficulties C-19 has caused us all, you can donate below or sponsor a horse.

One-off donation to the Ranch

Help us rescue and rehabilitate more needy horses to find them their forever home and do follow up checks once they’re there with a one time donation below.



You can also help us with a monthly contribution, which goes a very long way to ensuring the horses are safe all through the quieter months of the tourist season, when we’re not able to generate the income we need so easily. Please pick an option below or get in touch if you would prefer alternatives.

We really can’t thank you enough.

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