Introducing Malibu

Malibu sponsorship
Malibu sponsorship

🐴 This is Malibu and no, your eyes do not deceive you, she is that big, standing at 17hh and 950kg.

πŸ’š She came to us a few months ago as a rescue because her feet had been so neglected she could no longer continue being a plough horse. Thanks to the hard work of Danielle, she is now able to pick up her front feet for care and maintenance.

🧲We are continuing to work on her back feet as she will pick up but then just flings away. With that much strength, we are all having to be very careful because although she doesn’t mean it in a nasty way, she could do herself and us a lot of damage!

🌞 We are very excited to teach her to become a trekking horse and giving her a new lease of life, she will be the perfect horse for our most popular 3 & 4 day treks.

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