November lockdown update

Very sad to inform you all that the Province of Granada has now gone into full lockdown, from Tuesday 10th November 2020. Under this lockdown, all non-essential businesses must be closed until at least Monday 23rd November 2020. That’s us again, which is devastating, albeit perhaps unsurprising. How can you continue to support us?

You can still book horse riding holidays with us and if you can’t come due to pandemic restrictions, you won’t lose that deposit, of course.

You can also support us by buying one of our calendars. They’re €12 each (+packing and postage of €11.60 certified and in a protective envelope to UK and Europe.) Just ping us a message.

Donating directly to food for the horses either through our website. The team page is being updated so if you can’t see a particular horse there, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Buy a pin badge! A perfect way to carry us with you everywhere, on a jacket, or a bag. Just €1.50 each. Get in touch and let us know which horse you’d like pictured.

Share our Facebook posts – it’s free and it helps us get known by more people so when we can be back to normal, we can welcome more guests to meet our horses and experience the ride of a lifetime.

Thank you and stay safe.

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