Looking back at January

Winter arrived with full force in January. As we’re situated at over 1000m, the Ranch is a bit chilly in the mornings.

Snow in the corral

Overnight, we swapped suntan lotion for thermals & New Zealand rugs (oh, the glamour!) We’ve even had a snow day.

The frosty mornings are making way for gorgeous, clear sunny days that mean we are having regular views across the sea to Morocco.

Frosty sunrise

The cool, sunny days are perfect for long treks & with the almond trees starting to blossom there’s definitely a feeling that Spring is on its way.

In December, two very handsome new boys arrived at the farm – Mani & Ossie. Mani has been very busy trying to charm all of the ladies!

He’s definitely succeeded with our guide Judith, who has been busy teaching him the routes & getting him ready for our guests. He loves being out on the trail & is very happy in his work. We think he is going to be a firm favourite!

However I’m not sure if his charm is really working on his neighbours, Chilli & Bridie! Maybe we’ll have to wait for valentines day to find out if he’s had any luck .❤️

We’ve also had a very cute new addition to the farm this month. Kristina, one of our work-aways has adopted a rescue puppy found in the park in Lanjaron.

He arrived completely exhausted but after a few days sleeping, he’s had a very busy time meeting the other dogs Chipotle & Dingo, the cats & even trying to make friends with the geese! He’s had his first visit to the vets & is now microchipped & vaccinated ready for a life full of adventure & lots of love.

With spring on its way & a puppy on the farm, Caballo Blanco is full of smiles this month and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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