A Day in the Life of Molly at Caballo Blanco Trekking Centre

Morning Sunshine and Breakfast Delights

As the first rays of sun peek over the horizon at Caballo Blanco Trekking Centre, Molly, our beloved 14’3hh strawberry roan Breton X PRE, begins her, Molly greets the morning with bright, curious eyes. The staff, who adore this chunky monkey, are quick to bring her breakfast – a mix of quality grains and her all-time favorite, carrots. Molly’s love for food is well-known, and she savors each bite with evident pleasure.

Gentle Grooming and Bonding Time

After breakfast, it’s time for grooming. Molly enjoys the attention as the brushes glide through her roan coat, turning it into a glossy tapestry that shimmers in the morning light. This time is not just about keeping her coat shiny; it’s a bonding experience. Molly’s gentle nature shines through as she patiently interacts with the staff, a testament to her incredibly patient demeanor.

Beginner’s Riding Lessons: A Star Performer

As the trekking centre buzzes with the arrival of guests, Molly prepares for her role as a teacher and guide. She is a favorite among beginners for her steady and reassuring presence. Once saddled and ready, Molly steps into the arena, where she meets her rider for the day. With each step, she displays her fantastic riding skills, instilling confidence in even the most nervous of beginners.

Overcoming the Past, Embracing the Present

Molly’s journey hasn’t always been easy. Her past as a carriage horse was marked by challenges, but at Caballo Blanco, she has found her calling. Her transformation into a super safe ride is a story of resilience and adaptability. Whether it’s a gentle trot or a more spirited canter, Molly handles it all with grace, making her an excellent companion for riders venturing beyond their comfort zones.

Afternoon Trails and Canter Adventures

In the afternoon, when the sun is high and the trails beckon, Molly shows another side of her personality. She’s more than happy cantering along the scenic paths, her strides strong and confident. This is where she truly shines, offering an exhilarating yet secure experience for those ready to pick up the pace.

Evening Rest: A Well-Earned Break

As the day winds down, Molly returns to the farm for some well-deserved rest. The quiet of the evening is a stark contrast to the day’s activities. As she settles in, nibbling on some hay, there’s a sense of contentment that surrounds her. Molly’s day at Caballo Blanco Trekking Centre is a blend of joy, teaching, and gentle companionship, embodying the spirit of this wonderful place.

A Star Under the Stars

As night falls over Caballo Blanco, Molly stands as a testament to the beauty and resilience of horses. Her story, from a carriage horse to a beloved member of the trekking centre, inspires both staff and visitors alike. Under the starlit sky, Molly rests, ready for another day of adventures and heartwarming interactions.

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