Meet Molly

Molly is a 14’3hh strawberry roan Breton X PRE. She had a bad experience as a carriage horse but now is a super safe ride. Just make sure not to ‘flap’ anything near her; she doesn’t like it!

Molly has a small tumour inside her bowel, which doesn’t give her any bother as long as we take care of her. We ensure she has the right food for her condition and even when we are quiet (like during lockdown), we make sure she gets lots of little exercise opportunities to keep her biology working correctly.

We love this chunky monkey who loves her food, especially carrots. She is incredibly patient and rides fantastically with all our beginners.

She is more than happy cantering too but is one of the best rides for the newer rider.

Molly (1)

One-off donation for Molly

You can make a one time donation to buy Molly two bales of hay with the Paypal/card pictures below. Thank you so very much.

10.00 £

Click the one of the big blue buttons below to become one of Molly’s monthly supporters.

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