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Our Home

Where we live is absolutely stunning. On a clear day, we can see the mountains of Morocco across the shimmering Med. Being off grid is challenging at times but we love it just the same. It keeps us closer to nature and more in tune with the way the horses are feeling. The road up to the ranch is little more than a mountain track. It’s pretty bumpy but it’s worth it for the views! Just don’t expect to see a lot of tarmac and go slow & steady if you’re not in a 4×4.

Little things might be different for you when you’re getting ready to take your horses out. For example, the toilet is flushed with some water from the bucket next to it. We don’t have guest Wifi because the signal just isn’t strong enough but the mobile reception is excellent as there is a mast is on the mountain opposite. There is often Wifi at the various places you’ll stay. The accommodation on your treks is comfortable, beautiful but basic. Your experience is heightened by this closeness to the natural world around you and our guests come back time after time to wind down and reset.

Our horses are predominately Andalusians rescues although we do have a few other breeds we have rescued, like the Mérens. You can learn more each of them here. They love learning the mountain treks and only take guests when we as absolutely confident in their ability to be sure footed on the often steep terrain. We ensure guests are taken out on the horse that most closely suits their riding experience level, which is important whenever riding but even more so in this terrain.

When visiting the ranch, you may also meet the farm dogs, of which there are quite a few, and the farm cats, of which there are more! The geese also potter around in a free range fashion but we keep the chickens in enclosures for their own safety. As we are so rural, the foxes, genets, wild boar and birds of prey are all regular visitors.

When you come for your experience, make sure you have a camera with you and a water bottle. At these altitudes, the body dehydrates faster and even if it’s a cool day, it’s easy to forget to drink enough and end up with headaches.

Can’t wait to welcome you to our home!

“Beautiful horses, breathtaking surroundings and professional staff. I recommend this place for anyone who wants an experience for a lifetime.”


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