A Day in My Hooves: Just Another Day in the Alpujarra Mountains

Well, howdy there! Name’s Sambuca. I’m a shiny white horse, living the good life here in the Alpujarra mountains. Now, let me spin you a yarn about one of my typical days.

Mornings here are somethin’ else. As the first rays hit the mountains, I give a big ol’ stretch, ready for another day of trekkin’ with some friendly folks. I reckon it’s the best job a horse like me could ask for.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the treats along the way sure are a bonus. A bit of fresh grass here, a juicy apple there, and those crunchy carrots from friendly farms? Yum! But what really warms my hooves is the bond I share with the riders. It’s like we’re old pals, just hangin’ out.

So, this group of riders strolls up, all excited-like. I give a hearty neigh, and they burst out laughin’. “Looks like ol’ Sambuca’s rarin’ to go!” one of ’em says with a wink.

Off we go, meanderin’ through the trails, with those big mountains watchin’ over us. Every once in a while, I’d get a little pep in my step, and my rider would holler, “Whoa there, Sambuca! You’re feelin’ frisky today!”

As the day winds down, we mosey on over to this cozy place to stay in the heart of the mountains. I tell ya, these stops are the bee’s knees. I get some extra snacks, and if I’m lucky, a rider might hum a tune or two.

Sittin’ under the stars, I’d overhear the riders chattin’ about their day. Makes a horse like me proud, hearing them talk about the connection they feel. “Riding’ Sambuca? It’s like hangin’ out with an old buddy,” one rider drawled.

With memories of the day dancin’ in my head and a satisfied belly, I’d settle in, dreamin’ of tomorrow’s adventures.

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