A Neigh Day in My Hooves at Caballo Blanco Horse Trekking Centre

Howdy, folks! Blossom here, the proudest mare of the Caballo Blanco Horse Trekking Centre in the stunning Alpujarra region of Spain. Let me trot you through a day in my life, where every sunrise brings a new adventure and a chance to share the beauty of my homeland with some lovely two-legged companions.

My day kicks off with a hearty breakfast. – a girl’s gotta have her fuel, right? As the sun peeks over the mountains, I nuzzle my pals in the stables, and we all get a good brush down. That’s my spa treatment, making my black coat shine bright!

Then it’s saddle up time! I love meeting my riders, whether they’re newbies or old hands. I give them a gentle nuzzle to say, “Trust me, I’ve got this.” We set off at a comfortable pace, the cool mountain air filling our lungs. I always take a moment to show off the breathtaking views – it’s a panorama that never gets old, trust me.

Sometimes, we’re out for more than just a few hours. On our longer treks, we venture further into the heart of Alpujarra, where the trails tell tales of old. We might even stay over at some of my favourite spots – think cozy accommodations with moreish treats for my riders and a lush paddock for me and my hoofed friends.

As the stars come out, I’m back in my stable, munching on some delicious hay and reminiscing about the day’s journey. I rest up, dreaming of the trails to come and the friends I’ll meet.

So, if you fancy a trot with a view and a guide with four hooves, come on down to Caballo Blanco. I’ll be here, ready to make your visit unforgettable!

Until our paths cross, happy trails! Blossom 🐎💐

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